Monday, May 2, 2011

Peace Out My Brotha!

How did this guy grow up so fast and become so stinkin' handsome?

Everybody Vogue

Two Peas In A Pod

Just when you think that you are about to lose control, they do things like this! I really LOVE these two kiddos...I hope that they are going to be best friends all through out life. This is the most recent pictures of Allyson and Logan.

Allyson Turns 8

What a great day! I wish that I could have paused this day so that I could experience the spirit pouring out every day! What a testimony this kiddo has, I wish that I could record her sharing her testimony for all of you to here. I couldn't believe my eyes, we had her baptism in the Relief Society room at the church and not a seat was empty! The entire room was full, people were standing and some were listening in the hallway. I was so glad that Allyson was able to experience that. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for blessing us with such beautiful children, inside and out.

I want to give a great big THANK YOU to my sweet sister Cindy, who gave one of the best talks about the baptismal covenants and thanks to my good friend Erin LaFond! I am so very blessed to have her as a friend. My heart was very full and I am thankful that the Holy Ghost led them while they prepared for Ally's special day. I have to thank everyone that came. It was fabulous and such a sweet experience and very very full of the Spirit. Our bishop told us that it was one of the best baptisms that he has ever been too. Here are some pictures from her special day.

I am so glad to be a child of our Heavenly Father. I am grateful for the gospel and the happiness and peace that fill my heart each time I read the scriptures. I know that my Heavenly Father lives and that he sent his Son Jesus Christ to the earth to die for us on the sacred cross on Calvary Hill. I know that he loves us and wants us all to become more like him so that we too can live with Heavenly Father in the Celestial Kingdom. I know that President Monson is a true prophet called by Heavenly Father to help lead us and guide us in these latter days. I am grateful for my sweet children who help me to live a better life and work harder to become more like Christ. I love them so much and I am grateful for their little reminders of reading scriptures and the desire that they have to want to read them and to say daily prayers. I know that Jesus Christ truly loves us and I am grateful and indebted to him for his sacred sacrifice through the Atonement. I know that it is only through repentance, baptism and prayer that we can truly be more like Him. I am so grateful for all the He has given me, my family, my talents, my testimony, I know that through sharing it, I will always grow stronger.

Head Over Heels In Love

I can't believe that my Ms. Maddilyn will be turning 2 in 3 months. She definitely has a laid back personality and is quite the entertainer. She makes me laugh every day and makes my heart melt and all warm fuzzy inside. I am definitely head over heels in love with this beautiful little girl. I may be bias but I think that she is the cutest girl that I have ever seen. Watch out boys!

PS I am not so sure how this picture made it to the blog, must have been my cute hubby!

Time Has Totally Flown By Us

After realizing that it has been almost a year since my last blog, I thought that I owed you guys some pictures! Please Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School 2010

We have been really busy the first few days of school, so I haven't been able to post pictures or anything yet. I only have 2 in school right now, but we are on the waiting list for Pre-K. (Everyone cross your fingers that we will make it in this year) So when Dylan starts, hopefully I will have a picture soon of him as well.